G.M.T. S.p.a. in its function as ESCo it intends to achieve the highest standards of Quality, Environment and Safety by inspiring its activities and business to the principles of sustainable development which involves both the field of energy saving and the development of alternative energy, involving the whole management and employees as well as the Client. For GMT S.p.A. the Client is a partner in the development and implementation of interventions. G.M.T. S.p.A. intends to develop its projects involving the customer based on a relationship of mutual trust that supports the system made up of all the parties involved, overcoming the normal give-and-take relationship.
Quality and respect for the environment and safety also represent for G.M.T. S.p.A. an important competitive advantage and sees all management and employees directly involved.

G.M.T. S.p.a. undertakes to pursue a policy of continuous improvement of its qualitative, environmental and safety performance by committing itself to:

  • The continuous improvement of the Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI CEI 11352: 2014, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 standards, also derived from the objective of introducing the Ethical Management and Social Responsibility system in order to be able to create a single INTEGRATED QUALITY-ENVIRONMENT-SAFETY SYSTEM.
  • Maintain compliance with all applicable laws and regulations through periodic monitoring of relevant legal requirements.
  • Pursue continuous improvement, minimizing, where technically possible and economically sustainable, any negative impact on the environment of its activities, preventing pollution.
  • Minimize the consumption of water, energy, paper and toner of printers and copiers with a view to saving and eliminating waste, favoring their recovery where possible.
  • Promote initiatives aimed at monitoring and improving the degree of customer satisfaction: we must strive to understand the expectations of customers with the aim of maintaining a continuous and growing relationship with them.
  • Raise awareness on the commitments of the Policy and in particular on the environmental, quality and safety aspects and involve company workers, suppliers and customers on the objectives and goals.
  • Involve the Suppliers also in the quality planning phases, in order to reach a sharing of objectives and methodologies, useful to guarantee a control that is more and more responsive to the Customer specifications.
  • Motivate workers to develop, at all levels, a sense of responsibility towards the environment and towards their own and colleagues’ health and safety, also through training courses.
  • Improve its structure aiming at low bureaucracy, high dynamism, enhancement and awareness of available human resources; the organization will assign objectives to achieve which everyone must collaborate
  • Define measurable and comparable objectives and indicators, also considering aspects of quality, the environment and safety in every action and decision taken; these objectives are monitored periodically and aimed at guaranteeing the continuous improvement of the performance of company processes, with periodic review of the results.
  • Sharing objectives: for processes that have proven to be ineffective or inefficient, it is necessary to activate appropriate improvement plans and monitor their changes and the achievement of the set objectives.
  • Frequent monitoring of the SGI, to ensure compliance with the procedures, through an accurate management of the numerous fulfilments and requirements of the management systems.
  • Inform and raise awareness of all interested parties on the contents of the Quality, Environment and Safety Policy and on the commitment to sustainable development in relation to energy saving aspects.
  • Assess in advance the critical issues and environmental opportunities deriving from the adoption of new technologies or the use of new materials.

The Board of Directors recognizes the development of an integrated management system for Quality, Environment, Safety and UNI CEI 11352 as a strategic choice.
The Board of Directors is involved in the respect and implementation of these commitments by ensuring and periodically verifying that the Policy is documented, made operational, kept active, periodically reviewed, disseminated and made available to all parties involved.

Date 10/06/2020                                                                                                                                                                       The Management