G.M.T. S.p.A. is an ESCO (Energy Service Company) certified UNI CEI 11352, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. 


The company operates in the sector of energy efficiency and renewable energy installations since 2004. G.M.T. S.p.A. is active on the national stage in the application of efficient technologies for the rational use of energy in order to reduce energy consumption and help achieve the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol and the European Climate-Energy Package goal 20/20/20 .

GMT Presentation Brochure 

In November 2009 G.M.T. S.p.A., as an Energy Service Company, has been accredited to use the information system for sending project proposals, verification requests and savings certification under Article 1, paragraph 1, letter t, Annex A to the Authority resolution September 18, 2003, n. 103/03 and subsequent amendments. Since that date G.M.T. S.p.A. realizes energy efficiency projects, certifying the savings through white certificates.


G.M.T. S.p.A. mostly operates in Triveneto and Lombardy, but since June 2013 (through its connected G.M.T. Sud srl) it’s also extending in the territory of the Apulia Region.