The importance of energy saving is obvious when the trend of the electricity and the gas cost for domestic and industrial customers in recent years is considered. (fonte: elaborazione dati AEEG).


There is, in fact, an increase tendency in fares that exceeds 15% for electricity and 35% of energy for natural gas for residential customers. The electricity cost increase for industrial customers amounts to 3-40%, depending on the total consumption.


G.M.T. S.p.A. studies and realizes energy saving projects in the following areas:

  • Industry.
  • Tertiary.
  • Agricultural tertiary.
  • Domestic.
  • Public administration.
  • Hospital.



The actions proposed and carried out by G.M.T. S.p.A. include:

  • Re-qualification of heating installations.
  • Condensing boilers.
  • Solar collectors.
  • Heat pumps.
  • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (HVAC).
  • Re-qualification of lighting systems.
  • Inverter on pumping systems.
  • High efficiency electrical motors.
  • Realization of co/tri-generation plants.
  • Installation of high efficiency UPS.
  • Thermal insulations.
  • Photovoltaic installations.
  • Automation systems.


Progetti di efficienza energetica