The energy manager figure is essential to support companies in implementing policies to reduce energy consumption and to use energy efficiently at all stages, from production to consumption management.


The designation of an energy manager (technical manager for the conservation and rational use of energy), is mandatory for industries characterized by consumption of more than 10,000 toe / year and subjet of civil, commercial and transport sectors which present an energy consumption higher then 1,000 toe / year.


According to art. 19 of Law 10/91, the energy manager must be appointed by each obliged company every year on April 30, communicating the nomination to FIRE (Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy).


Failure or delay in the appointment will incur in an administrative penalty in accordance with Art. 132 (l) – Comma 8 – Presidential Decree June 6, 2001, No. 380, which says:


“Failure in the appointment, in accordance with Article 19 of the law 9 January 1991 n. 10, of the technical manager for the conservation and rational use of energy, is punishable by an administrative fine of not less than 5,164 Euros and not more than 51,645 Euros. “


For this reason it is appropriate to identify professionals for the role of energy managers.


G.M.T. S.p.A. provides support to obliged companies to appoint an energy manager and its bureaucratic management to be sent by April 30 to FIRE.